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Realty World

Realty World
Property Price: $7,500,000.00
Property Type: Ranch
House Style: Ranch
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Fireplace: Wood Burning
Garage Type: Gravel
Water: Well
Heating: Propane,Wood Stove
Status: For Sale
Marketing Remarks:

This ranch comprises a variety range in the terrain, going from flat country, to rolling hills and to large sub-irrigated flats along the Pecos River. The amazing, and beneficial, aspect of this ranch is the ten and a half miles of Pecos River winding through the ranch. The ranch has large sub-irrigated flats on both sides of the river insuring some green grass most of the time. These flats have been grubbed of the salt-cedar and other invasive plants to help cut down on water usage of undesirable plants. As you would expect with the varying terrain, come lots of different types of grasses: Blue and black Grama, Galleta, Purple three-awn and others in the upper country. The sub-irrigated flats have giant Sacaton, alkali Sacaton, some Grama, Drop seed, Love grass and many other varieties.



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Realty World

Realty World
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