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Realty World Inc. Announces Acquisition of 106 Franchises from NextHome Inc.


(NEWPORT BEACH, CA) – Realty World Inc. is excited to announce it has acquired from NextHome Inc. all of the 106 real estate franchise offices located in Northern California and Northern Nevada. The acquisition was completed on Saturday, February 1, 2020.

“This is a huge acquisition for Realty World Corporate,” said Lisa Gerdes, Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer of Realty World. “Not only does it give the Corporation incredibly strong representation in Northern California and Northern Nevada, but it will serve as a springboard for the entire Northwest and even Asia. We are now set to deliver a strong impact throughout the nation and the world.”

The acquisition of these franchise locations from NextHome comes just as Realty World is undergoing a major makeover to empower its Agents, Managers, and Broker/Owners, with an emphasis on providing a broader range of services, including but not limited to a new Industry, Commercial, Investment (ICI) Division, that deepens the customer experience. The official announcement heralding these changes will be made at Realty World’s International Conference & Awards Ceremony on Friday, March 27, 2020 in Savannah, Georgia.


Continuing to Build Wealth

This expansion is just another part of Realty World’s commitment to building and sharing wealth. The company’s unique Lifetime Residual Income Program allows all the Realty World Agents, Brokers, and Managers throughout the world to become a Franchise and Master Franchise referral partners, and continuously earn extra income. This opportunity is also open to all professionals who are not currently Realty World Members or even outside of the real estate industry.

“Title reps, mortgage loan reps, and home warranty reps to retired executives, managers, and attorneys can participate in Realty World’s Wealth Building and Wealth Sharing program,” said Lisa Gerdes. “That’s the beauty of working with us as a referral partner.”


An Innovative System for Success

Part of Realty World’s strength comes from its innovative royalty fee structure, which caps the payments made by each office/franchisee at $50,000 (USD).

“This means that a franchise owner could have an office with 1000 or more Agents and the maximum yearly franchise fee would stay capped at $50,000,” said Lisa Gerdes. “The Realty World model is just as ideal for smaller boutique franchise offices as it is for the largest offices because our royalty fees make it so affordable. We are blessed to be able to operate unlike anyone else out there.”


A Bright Future

The leadership team at Realty World Corporate sees a direct connection between today’s acquisition and the company’s future plans for success.

“Bringing these franchises back to Realty World Corporate is a phenomenal achievement that continues our plans for 2020,” said Andrew Cimerman, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Realty World Inc. “We are intensely looking for what other additional partnerships, mergers, and acquisitions we can make in the U.S.A., Mexico, Canada, and globally.”

“As we seek to add more partners to our powerful brand name, the influencers and difference-makers interested in a lucrative No Money Required Regional Franchise Partnership or Master Franchise outside the United States, should reach out to Lisa Gerdes, our Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer.”

2020 is sure to be a sunshine year for Realty World.

For inquiries about Franchises, Regional Franchise Management Partnerships, Master Franchises outside the United States, and all other inquiries, please contact:

Lisa Gerdes
Executive Vice-President and Chief Operating Officer
Realty World Inc.


For inquiries regarding mergers and acquisitions, please contact:

Jonathan Mackenzie
Executive Assistant 
Realty World Inc.