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A library of CD ROMs for both agents and brokers offer the latest medium for marketing their services.

Volume II of the Interactive CD ROM contains multi-media presentations for buyers and sellers that can be used in many different marketing settings, from a pre-list tool to an in-home listing or buyer presentation. There is also a Member Service section which outlines the programs and benefits offered to REALTY WORLD Members, used in recruiting interviews.

The Graphics CD ROM is loaded with graphics, logos, and marketing designs for REALTY WORLD members’ use in promotional materials. An official logo CD ROM contains our accepted uses of our logos, plus the REALTY WORLD Commercial logo, the Platinum logo, and the Lifetime Income Logo.

Music on Hold CD is available to tell the REALTY WORLD story while callers to their offices are waiting to be connected to an agent.

As a service to our members, REALTY WORLD, Inc. has established a relationship with several Real Estate Technology Vendors for providing the latest software to our REALTY WORLD Brokers and Agents.

InCom Real Estate Web & e-Marketing Solutions - InCom REALTY WORLD® Virtual Agent On-Line Marketing System

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Personalized website design for REALTY WORLD® Agents and Offices. Internet Marketing System and Search Engine Optimization services to generate Real Estate Internet Leads. A trusted REALTY WORLD® partner, InCom Real Estate Web & e-Marketing Solutions is the official website designer for REALTY WORLD® Inc.



e-SHOWINGS is a central appointment center to handle all of your real estate showings. Fully staffed 360 days a year, 7 days a week, and 80 hours a week, this service makes financial sense no matter what the size of the brokerage office. Designed to increase your bottom line, e-showings reduces staff requirements and increases professionalism.

LONE WOLF offers the latest sales management and accounting capabilities to the real estate office. From the escrow ledgers to agent productivity reports and invoicing, all of the financial data necessary for the profitable operations of a real estate office is in this one system.

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